TThe team at Quorus Consulting has designed and managed countless surveys on behalf of private, public and not-for-profit clients. Let us work with your team as you plan your next study – we can take care of your project from beginning to end with our complete quantitative research consulting services:

Questionnaire Design

Most decision makers are familiar with the concept of a survey – what it generally looks like and what purpose it serves. However, overlooking small details can have a huge impact on the integrity of a study. Far too many decision makers are not intimately familiar with such things as the science of sampling, the hazards of the various biases that can creep into any study, and advanced analytical techniques. In fact, the process of crafting the questions themselves is fraught with all sorts of pitfalls. For instance, basic question wording, use of open-ended questions, the importance of randomized statements, the length of the survey itself, the selection of one answer scale over another – all of these will have an impact on how the respondent answers and ultimately how the results should be interpreted…and we haven’t even broached the data collection medium! 

Methodology Design

The surge in online research has many debating its virtues and its limitations in comparison to more traditional telephone and self-complete / mail surveys. And where do intercept surveys fit in? Needless to say, how the data is collected is as important a consideration as who is targeted for the study and which questions are asked.

Data Collection

Quorus can coordinate quantitative studies of any size, including, but not limited to:

ONLINE SURVEYS: Quorus can undertake a range of online studies in-house when defined lists can be obtained (e.g. employees, specific stakeholders, etc.). Additionally, online panel samples are available to us should the projects target audience depend on them.

TELEPHONE SURVEYS: Whether the target audience is in Canada or internationally, Quorus is able to coordinate data collection via telephone through our trusted research partners, regardless of the sample size required, or the target audience’s profile complexity.

OMNIBUS SURVEYS: There are a handful of companies that we turn to when our clients require general population telephone or online Omnibus services. Most are national in scope and operate a weekly schedule. Each week, the sample consists of 1,000 adult Canadians, with regional over samples, but weighted to be representative of the national, adult population as a whole. Gender quotas are also in place to obtain a 50/50 split from each region. The sampling approach has even started taking into consideration the significant use of cell phones among Canadians by ensuring a minimum number of completed interviews are done using cellular phone numbers.

ONSITE INTERCEPT SURVEYS: Quorus can coordinate onsite intercept studies for data collection/recruitment at locations such as malls, retail outlets, cultural, heritage and tourist sites and virtually any other type of site in Canada requiring surveying.

Data Analysis and Results Reporting

Quorus consultants have extensive experience analysing data sets, conducting statistical routines, and weighting data to provide an accurate measure of a study population and address the research objectives accurately. Results are provided to our clients in the format that best suits their needs, ranging from topline memos, to detailed data tables to a tabulated form as well as summary text reports with supporting graphicsa dynamic onsite presentation of the findings to your leadership team by one of our senior researchers

About Quorus

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