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A new study by Quorus Consulting Group, commissioned by CWTA, finds that just about half of all mobile users in Canada now own smartphones. Among 18- to 34-year-olds, that number jumps to almost 70%. The research shows that the year-over-year growth in the use of smartphones was 45%, and that the growth is seen universally across all age groups, and across Canada. Tablet owners are also on the rise, with consumers in 2011 purchasing tablets at four times the rate from the previous year – from 5% to 20%. The survey reinforces reported industry trends of rapidly increasing data consumption, with almost half of all cell phone users now having a data plan for their device, up 27% from last year. The study also reveals that apps continue to be widely used by Canadians, with significant growth from 58% to 70% of users over last year. The heaviest downloaders of apps are those aged 18 to 34, and those who live in Alberta. Cell phone users who download apps have an average of 12 apps on their device, and typically two of those were purchased as opposed to downloaded for free. The most frequently downloaded apps pertain to weather information at 84%, followed by social networks and instant messaging. Other top types of apps that consumers enjoy link to travel, transit and mapping or navigation information, and close to two-thirds use apps for YouTube. Canadians also reported interest in the concept of the “mobile wallet”, which would allow them to store various types of digital information on their mobile phone rather than carry around the paper or card versions. This interest peaks with 18- to 34-year-olds at 38%. The survey also found that mobile banking is utilized frequently by Canadians, with 28% of smartphone users doing banking or paying for products and services from their mobile device. Again, this number peaks for smartphone owners between 18 and 34 years old at 38%, and in cellphone-only households at 47%. The survey also examined trends in mobile giving, and found that 90% of those who donated to a charity via text message would do so again. The complete 100-page 2012 Cell Phone Consumer Attitudes Study is available on CWTA Web site at:


Local Residents Say Public Transportation is the Most Important Issue Facing Ottawa Today

November 22, 2011 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Throughout history we have learned that although a democratic government is elected by the people it serves no one government can make everyone happy. Despite this, good governments usually make an attempt, if for nothing else but re-election.


Parliament Hill and Gatineau Park are Tops in Local Sights to See

November 16, 2011 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Every year, thousands of visitors make their way through the National Capital Region’s many historic and natural sites and its numerous museums and galleries. Local residents themselves make up a significant portion of these visitors and also represent important “tourist guides” in their own town.


Local Residents Keeping One Eye on the Economy and the Other on Their Budget

November 11, 2011 Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

It is almost common knowledge that the global economy has been on unstable ground for the past few years. Some of the key members in the G20 have seen their domestic situations worsen year after year with the one just south of the border, the one to which many Canadians feel we are inextricably connected, continuing to languish.